8 janv. 2015

New Collection Windows 2015

Waiting for New Collection windows.... very soon!

24 déc. 2014

Noel à Paris - Paul Smith

 Hope you will receive this wheelbarrow full of gifts...
Merry Christmas!

Paul Smith - Paris - December 2014

23 déc. 2014

Noel à Paris - La Fabrique

Today, here are peculiar windows that are not on the Parisian streets...
Take a look at the amazing work done by the school  La Fabrique first year students...
They had to create Holiday Windows using cubes and only  three colors, black, white and gold.
Enjoy these creations that give us another view of the Christmas displays.
I chose a few examples, but all of the students did a good job!
Congratulations to all the students and to La Fabrique for the great training.
Merry Christmas!

La Fabrique - Paris - December 2014

17 déc. 2014

Noel à Paris - Hermès

No glitters at Hermès...giant pieces of fabrics into all the windows... 
Why did they choose that to celebrate Christmas?
Isn't it too sad?
However, there is an  amazing thing...this giant bag at the front....

Hermès - Paris - December 2014

16 déc. 2014

Noel à Paris - Dolce & Gabbana

Angels are everywhere to display the Holiday Collection at Dolce & Gabbana. And, for this celebration, gold color can't miss!

Dolce & Gabbana - December 2014 - Paris

15 déc. 2014

Noel à Paris- Guerlain

Amazing golden hearts at Guerlain to display the traditional and very well-known perfume  bottles...

Guerlain - December 2014 - Paris

13 déc. 2014

Noel à Paris - Petit Bateau

Giant gift box for Petit Bateau to celebrate Christmas this year... and a partnership with Lego to win a game....
Petit bateau always finds many parterships. 
Is that the new way to introduce the brand? 

Petit Bateau - December 2014 - Paris