16 oct. 2014

Moscow windows

Let's have a look at the Moscow windows I shot in September...
Months seem to be the stars. With caviar, strawberries or colorful lollipops, the giant month caught my attention. And, I totally forgot to look at the mannequins. When the set is the most important part of a window, you also remember it very well. And, it works. 

Moscow - September 2014

6 oct. 2014

Courrèges in Blue Pop Up Store

Are you fan of Courrèges? I was a big fan many years ago and last week, I was very happy about discovering the brand in this blue atmosphere. Close to its official store, Courrèges has opened a pop up store for accessories. Bags, shoes, papers, perfumes and jewelry are surrounded by blue. A perfect place to remember the famous designer's creations. Stop by and enjoy if you come to Paris

Next door...the real store where we can discover the Courrèges collection for this Winter .
First of all, let's take a look at the window made with blue stripes...
 wonderful colorful jackets...

Courrèges - Paris - October 2014

3 oct. 2014

Chanel Gym

This Fall, Chanel women seem to go to the gym...even the snickers are Chanel, of course!
Amazing peculiar famous Chanel bags display ....

Chanel - Paris - September 2014

2 oct. 2014

Prada in Winter

Prada already shows a Winter atmosphere...even if it s very hot in Paris...
Three women  wearing amazing dresses seem to be looking at you...

Prada - Paris - September 2014

1 oct. 2014

Fall Colors at Christian Dior Paris

Amazing vibrant colors at Christian Dior....Choose yours!
Pink or grey backgrounds are perfect to display the new dresses and the colorful suits.

Christian Dior Paris - September 2014

23 sept. 2014

Clémence Poésy at Pablo

I was walking on the Marais streets when I stopped by this window. I never shoot Pablo Gérard Darel displays because they are always boring. But this one caught my attention! The white diamond perfectly highlights this new black and white dress.  And, its very easy to read the name of the designer in the bottom center: Clémence Poésy, the French actress. You may know her because of the Chloé perfume. For this Winter season, she has been a stylist at Pablo. And, this peculiar dress pays a tribute to the famous Nikki de Saint Phalle... Amazing story! 

Pablo - Gérard Darel- September 2014 - Paris