16 sept. 2014

Coppelia at Repetto

The famous ballet, Coppelia, is the star at Repetto this week.... take a look and remember this wonderful art. It s a very good idea to display the ballet ....perfect way to remind people the dancing products the brand is used to selling. 

Repetto - Paris - September 2014

12 sept. 2014

Men are back at Galeries Lafayette

Back to men at Galeries Lafayette...in a traditional black and white!

Galeries Lafayette Hommes - Paris - September 2014

11 sept. 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg at Galeries Lafayette

Amazing prints are waiting for you at Galeries Lafayette Paris.... and the star is Diane Von Furstenberg. Each print surrounds a mannequin, so you feel involved by this unique atmosphere. Blue, red and purple, yellow, green and black and white....every color is welcome. 
Department stores seem to invite many designers into their windows... Is it a new strategy?

Galeries Lafayette - Paris - September 2014

10 sept. 2014

Desigual at Maison & Objet Paris

I'm always impressed with Desigual displays. Here are the ones they showed at Maison & Objet Paris. Crazy mannequins caught the attention of all the people. But the show was also at the bar, serving drinks, watermelon and other vegetables and fruits. Great experience to discover the new upcoming bath and bed collection.  
La vida es chula, isn't it?

Desigual Maison & Objet - Paris - September 2014

9 sept. 2014

Street artists at Monoprix

On Saturday, Monoprix gave us a wonderful show with in live windows...
On Rue du Commerce, the Parisian street artist Pro 176, created an amazing piece of art...on the window. Let s discover it...

 And, the final result...amazing!
 Thanks Pro 176 for this fabulous work and your time.

If you love his art, you can buy the printed clothes  and accessories at Monoprix. A nice  and cheap way to remember the artist.

Later, on Champs Elysées, I met another street artist, the famous Parisian Nasty. He is very well know for his graffiti art and he showed it in live on a window...

 Nasty had to write 150 names,  from Twitter, on this window,  but he also asked people that were looking at his work, for  their names , to add them. Good show!
Finally, for this new season, MesvitrinesNYC could discover peculiar windows in Paris. 
Monoprix - Paris - September 2014
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